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Ask George - 2016: "Publications from extension office"

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Publications from the Extension, http://extension.uga.edu/publications/
Vegetable Gardening in Georgia (C 963)

Your Household Water Quality: Odors in Your Water (C 1016)

Millipedes and Centipedes (B 1088)

Stinging and Biting Pests (C 782)

Weed Control in Home Lawns (B 978)

Gardening in Containers (C 787)

Growing Vegetables Organically (B 1011)

Growing Cucumbers in the Home Garden (C 1034)

Home Garden Lettuce (C 1018)

Georgia Home Grown Tomatoes (B 1271)

Flowering Annuals for Georgia Gardens (B 954)

Home Garden Peppers (C 1005)

Stinging and Biting Pests (C 782)

Stored Product Pests in the Home (B 1378)


Ask George - 2015:  What's Next for mid-summer gardening?

Mid-Summer Madness

Well It’s Mid Summer, what’s next?

Gardening is a year  in, year out experience if you don’t  plan your next move in January you may be in for a surprise. Most people like the cool weather vegetables (most of the green leafy favorites - Collards, Spinach, Kale, Kol-robi! (checking to see if you’re listening),Mustard Greens, Onion, Garlic, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Lettuce, radish, Turnip, and a host of other goodies to eat.

First: Complete your harvest, prepare your ground and start from seeds if you like or get plants from your local supplier. Check your planting charts and make sure your plans allow for space growth.  Most importantly, start in with fun.  Green Thumbs up.

July 2015

We need to produce a suitable environment for the plants we have an interest in.  There are many things to think about to grow a healthy plant.  All food producing plants require a minimum of four hours of full sun.  We have to think if the soil content is appropriate to the needs of our plants.  Are we watering according to the needs of the plants?  Are we providing suitable care in the terms of weeding, pest control and proper support?

All of this requires an investment of time that has to be set aside to get the results for you and your plants.

So make a plan, choose some plants, and have a good time.  Gardening is a fun adventure in the exploration of individual expression of nature.


Here are a few questions to ask yourself about how you feel about gardening and the benefits it may add to your life.

What do I need to know before I start gardening?

Do I want to belong to a group or go it alone?

Do I really have the time to take on a project? WOW! We live hectic lives, where do I get time for gardening?

What would I like to grow and can I make a difference with this choice?

Do I have some overall plan that fits gardening into my life?